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Glory Glory Man United! Yesterday afternoon Macnhefter United took on one of their biggest english rival teams Chelsea, in the second leg of their aggregate quarter final match. Man United won the first match by just 1 goal, in the second match they won by a score of 2-1, giving them a total of 3-1. This is a very big win for Manchester United who are now on their way to the semi-finals.
Finding a job nowadays for grade 11 studentsis hard for many different reasons. One of the things that is making it hard is the recession. Due to the current economic situation, companies cannot afford to hire any more people and even if they do need to hire people they most likely will not hire a grade 11 student with no job experience because they will probably be looking for somebody more qualified. However, one of the biggest reasons that grade 11 students can't find a job,is because of job experience, skills and resume. Most grade 11 students don't have any job experience and when they go to apply, the first thign the employer checks/asks is if you have any job experience. Another thing is skills, if you don't have any strong skills that the eployer is looking for, your definitely not getting hired. Because without any of the skills they are looking for, you are useless to them. You need to ensure that your resume is excellent, not good but excellent! It has to stand out from the rest of the resumes that others are handing in, that doesnt mean make it all pretty and change the font, but it should be no more than one page in length and sixe 12 times new roman font, the formatting is key and ensure that your put information on there that really shows your skills and volunteerexperience and how good a person you are to them. I myself am a grade 11 student, and yes I have a job. I work at Rexall, a retail pharmacy that sells more than pharmaceutical drugs. I was hired through a connection/hookup. Honestly the best way to get a job is to get one through a hookup because it will get you some work experience and of course MONEY! If you are applying for a job without a hookup, make sure your show the employer that they want you working for them, because they will take the people withjob experience first over someone without job experience.    


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